True Bushido Code

True Bushido Code
True Bushido Code

Friday, February 8, 2008

True Bushido Code - Expanded Definitions

BUSHIDO CODE - EXPANDED DEFINITIONS ==============================================================

1. Justice - Correct judgment at a time where judgment is called for, to strike when it is right to strike. To do the right thing at the right time. Crooked ways and unjust actions are thought to be lowly and inhumane.

2. Courage - Courage is a virtue only in the cause of righteousness. Sacrificing your safety for an unworthy cause is stupidity. To admit ones mistake, to sacrifice ones self in order to save someone from despair, to stand on ones right decision, are some signs of courage.

3. Benevolence - Love, affection for others, sympathy and an excellence of mind and character towards other people are the highest attributes of the soul. Love and benevolence were supreme virtues and princely acts.

4. Politeness - Politeness, courtesy and excellent manners should be a part of
your life. Politeness is a poor virtue if it is only actuated by a fear of offending. It should stem from a sympathetic regard for the feelings of others.

5. Veracity - Lying is a cowardly act, dishonorable. Your word should be able to be taken as a guarantee of truthfulness.

6. Honor - The honorable person is the humble person. Without honor you have no respect and without respect no honor. Honor is like a scar on a tree, in which time only helps to enlarge. To be honorable is to follow the Bushido Code.

7. Loyalty - You must be loyal to your family, your teachers, your fellow students the art and to those who teach you outside the dojo. You should never forget the teacher who labored for you. The teachers will not forget the labor you put in for them.

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