True Bushido Code

True Bushido Code
True Bushido Code

Friday, February 8, 2008

The importance of bushido for Japanese samurai warriors

The importance of the bushido code for Japanese samurai warriors

The Japanese samurai warriors were well known for adhering to the bushido code. The samurai valued their honor above all things, in the same way as medieval knights of Europe valued their honor.

Born and raised under the true bushido code, a samurai warrior was always alert, on guard, and ready to do battle on his master 's behalf. A samurai was prepared to give his life in his master 's service. Samurai rush into the fiercest fighting, eager for glory. A true samurai never retreats unless ordered to do so, and would never allow himself to be taken prisoner. A true samurai warrior would rather die than be ashamed as in the case of taken prisoner.

The way of the samurai warriors demanded perfection in matters of honor, both on the battlefield and in daily life. A samurai was also expected to be able to write, understand poetry and perform traditional dances.


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